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Planning a birthday party for your toddler does not have to be stressful. These 7 steps can help things to go a lot smoother. The goal at the end of the day is a happy birthday boy or girl. These steps in planning a birthday party for your toddler will make it an easier goal to accomplish.

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Keep It Simple

One of the keys to planning a birthday party for your toddler is keep it simple. It doesn’t take much to impress toddlers. Think about things that they will enjoy, not what will make the best show for other guests. It is absolutely okay if this day is all about your child and in fact, it should be. Go for simple entertainment and things will go well.


Involve Them

As much as you can, involve your child in the party planning. Let them choose a theme to use or at least have input into what colors you use. You can talk to them about their upcoming party and how much fun they are going to have. Help them to be excited and they will be. The important thing is that they have fun.


Plan Your Party Time Wisely

When you are dealing with toddlers, you want to plan the time that you have it and how long it lasts. Timing is everything with toddlers. You absolutely want to plan it at a time when your toddler is fresh and not in need of a nap. You also want to be sure that the party is long enough for your toddler to get their fun in but not so long that meltdowns start happening. When the meltdowns start, all the fun is gone.


Keep It Short

A party of about two hours is a good time limit when you are dealing with toddlers. Any longer and you are going to lose their attention span. Squabbles may start breaking out, too. Two hours gives you time to give them a little entertainment, for everyone to have cake and to watch your little one open gifts. That is about the length a toddler can deal with and still be happy.


Keep Them Busy

If you are expecting a group of toddlers to be happy while you sit and eat cake and chat, you are sadly mistaken. The key to a happy birthday party for your toddler is to keep them busy. Provide some kind of entertainment. It can even just be some music playing for them to dance to but entertainment will help make the time pass more easily. Hands on activities are always good, too.


Accept Help

If you have people that offer to help you with serving, graciously accept. It takes a lot of work to have a birthday party for a toddler and you simply don’t have enough hands. Even something as simple as having someone to pour juice can be a huge help. Don’t feel bad about accepting help. More than likely, you will be able to do the same thing in return when another parent’s child has their birthday party.


Be Ready for Anything

With toddlers, anything can happen. It pays to be prepared for it. Anticipate messes, spills and boo-boos. Have the things you need to deal with each crisis on hand. It is better to have what you need and not actually need it than to not have it and need it desperately. You can always cart the emergency supplies back home again.

These 7 tips can help you to have a birthday party for your toddler in a more pleasant, less stressful way. What are your best tips for throwing a birthday party for this age group? Please share with us!

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