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7 Very Important Things to Look for in a Day Care Center ...

By Alicia

There are certain things to look for in a day care center. These things will help you to know that the day care center is a good choice for your child. If you find a day care center with all of these things in its favor, you have probably found a good choice. Keep your eyes open and be observant for these things to look for in a day care center as assurance that you have made a good decision.

1 Cleanliness

It should be clean. This is one of the first things to look for in a day care center. Of course, there will be normal day to day messiness that can be expected when you are dealing with children, but if it is truly dirty, move on. You do not want to leave your child in a day care center that does not have a high standard of cleanliness.

2 Safety

The day care center should have made every effort to keep children safe. This should include measures to keep your child safe during drop off and pick up time. They should have a very strict procedure on who can and cannot pick up your child that follows your wishes in a very exact manner. The day care center should be carefully child-proofed. You should have no concerns about safety should you choose to use this day care center.


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3 Structure and Routine

Structure and routine are very important to children. Children like to know what their day will hold and feel more secure when they do. A quality day care center will have structure and a routine for every age group. Of course, the routine will be more lax with the babies in the facility, but should still be there. Structure and routine are also a sign of organization in the center.

4 A Child Friendly Atmosphere

Is the day care center child-friendly? Is it decorated for children? Does it look fun and inviting? Those are questions you should also have in your mind when you are looking over the day care center and considering it. You want an atmosphere that puts your child at ease.

5 A Compassionate Staff

Does the staff seem to care about the children under their care? Are they concerned about them? It doesn’t take long to observe whether they have a caring nature toward children or not. If you have to be away from your child, you want to leave them in the presence of a compassionate staff that truly cares for them. This is a point that deserves careful consideration.

6 A Love of Children

You also want to know that the staff at the day care center you are considering enjoy the children in their care. Do they seem to truly like their job? How do they seem to treat the children in their care? You should be able to observe this when you tour the day care center. If the staff acts like the children are an aggravation or a problem to them, you need to move on to another facility.

7 Instinct

Instinct is not something you can look for in a day care center. You just have to feel it. You will have a feeling about each day care center that you consider and visit. If you feel something is not right about a certain day care center, listen to that feeling. If you feel like a certain facility just feels right, it may be the right one for your child.

Choosing a daycare center for your child is a very important decision. These are 7 things you need to look for and be on alert for when you are deciding. What things were important to you in choosing a day care center?

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