7 Things Every Parent Should Know about CyberBullying ...


In this day and age, there are certain things every parent should know about cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is practically unavoidable for teens and pre-teens, who often spend more time on social media than engaging in face-to-face activities.To make sure your son or daughter has the safest, happiest adolescence possible, you’ll need to learn all of these things every parent should know about cyberbullying.

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It’s Just as Dangerous as Physical Bullying

One of the things every parent should know about cyberbullying before they begin to help their child cope with it is that it’s just as dangerous as physical bullying. Physical bullying is dangerous because there is a physical threat to your child at what should be a safe place of learning. Well, cyberbullying is essentially just as dangerous as physical bullying. It occurs on the internet, a refuge for your son or daughter, and can cause them to harm themselves or cause long-lasting emotional suffering.


It Can Happen Anywhere at Anytime

Cyberbullying is a far reaching threat, that can follow your child anywhere. Taking away their cell phone, even for their own protection, won’t necessarily help. As a teen, I know first hand how dependent my generation is on social media. Your daughter or son will do their best to find a way back on the internet, even when there’s a threat out there. A more effective method than simply saying “no” is speaking openly with your child about why they should stop using sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. when people are bullying them. Then, allow them to make the decision with you.


Your Kids May Keep It from You

Even if you have a great relationship with your child, they may keep cyberbullying as a secret from you. They may be ashamed, or scared that you’ll revoke their internet privileges. It’s entirely up to you what course of action you take if you think your daughter or son is hiding their personal crisis from you; just know it’s likely that they will try to keep you in the dark.


Lead by Example

Some parents are just as bad as teenagers when it comes to cyberbullying. You shouldn’t slander or gossip about others on social media, just like you wouldn’t want your child to do. This sends them the wrong message and only causes confusion.


Your Child May Be the Bully

Even though you did your best to raise a saint, keep in mind that your child may be a cyberbully. When teenagers think no one’s looking, they act differently than anyone would expect them to behave. If you suspect that your child may be a cyberbully, discuss with them how cruel it is, warn them of the effects it has on others, and most importantly get them to stop before things get out of hand.


Make Sure Your Child Confides in Someone

Your son or daughter may not always feel comfortably confiding in you about their problems. While of course you would prefer that they turn to you in their time of need, your number one priority should simply be that they open up to someone. Any trusted adult in their life will do, whether it be their father, a school counselor, or religious leader. It’s important for teens to get heavy issues like this off their chest to ensure mental health and happiness.


CyberBullies Work the Same Way as SchoolYard Bullies

Just like school yard bullies feed off of fear and attention, cyberbullies live for “likes”, shares and comments. The best way your child can combat cyberbullying is often by ignoring the bully. Once the bully sees that your child is essentially impervious to their unkind posts, they’ll give up the fight.

No loving parent ever wants to see their child suffer, but, as you probably remember, there are plenty of haters in middle and high school. Today, those haters have more and more outlets for their cruelty each day, and they could not care less where their evils are directed. In order to be a well-informed, helpful parent, make sure you keep these facts about cyberbullying in mind at all times. Which of these things do you need to remember?

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