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Would you like to have some help on how to make the most of your child’s naptime? I have some tips that can offer you some guidance on the subject. When your small children are awake, they need so much of your time. It is very important that you can make the most of your child’s naptime. These are some ways you can do that.

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Get Your Child in a Naptime Routine

First and foremost, you need to get your child in a naptime routine. Having them in a routine will help you to make the most of your child’s naptime because you will know when it will be and can plan for it. There are many different ways that you can set a naptime routine. You have to do what works with your child whether it be rocking them, lying down beside of them or letting them fall asleep independently. Naptime should be around the same time every day so your child’s body will be used to that time of the day for sleeping.


Save Your Business Calls for That Time Slot

When you are a mother, it is very hard to make business calls when your small children are awake and vying for your attention. Naptimes are the perfect time to fit a business call in. You can make your call without any distractions or having to try to keep your child happy while you are on the phone. This allows you to concentrate on the business at hand instead of trying to divide your attention between your call and your child. It is much less stressful to make your business calls during naptime.


Catch up on Chores

Most mommies figure this one out pretty quick. Naptime is when you can be most productive during the day and that includes catching up on chores. A lot of times you can get your chores in earlier in the day if your child is in a good mood or your schedule allows. But if not, naptime is the perfect time to take care of them. Then you can relax and know that you have them taken care of for that day.


Dig in on a Project

Doing a project with your children underfoot is possible but very difficult. Therefore, naptime is the perfect time to dig into that closet you need to clean out or paint the baseboards. It may take several naptimes to finish a project but that’s okay. It is good to realize that you can get a lot more done if you wait until naptime to crack on with those projects and that it could still take more than one naptime to complete. You will feel productive and accomplished when you work on a project during naptime.


Catch up with a Girlfriend

It is good to work on things that need to be done during your child’s naptime but it is also okay to use that time for something pleasurable, like catching up with a girlfriend. Sit down and send a long chatty email or call her up. It is really relaxing to be able to just talk without trying to keep your little one from crying. It will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to embrace the rest of your day. There is nothing like catching up with a dear friend.


Have Some Me Time

Everyone needs me time and that includes moms who usually have a hard time getting it. Naptime can be your me time. You can use that time to walk on a treadmill or do an exercise dvd. You can read a book you have been trying to find time for. Sometimes, simply sitting in the sunshine and relaxing is just what you need to refresh yourself. You will be a better mom for allowing yourself to enjoy some me time.


Nap with Your Child

Sometimes the most productive thing that you can do is take a nap too. This is something I did quite often when my children were small. I napped with my babies. I learned quickly that I would be more productive later in the day if allowed myself to catch up on any rest I may have missed. It refreshes both mom and baby to catch a mid-day snooze.

These are 7 ways that you can make the most of your child’s naptime but there are many more. What do you do when your child naps? How do you use that time to help you have a better day?

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When my children nap is the one time I like to get everything done, especially cleaning. It's so hard to clean with 2 toddlers running around!! Not to mention having a newborn so my cleaning time runs out quickly!!

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