7 Ways to Stop Having Bedtime Battles with Your Children ...


Having bedtime battles with your children is absolutely no fun. I know because I have been there and done that. And through my experience I have learned what works and what doesn’t. These are 7 ways to stop having bedtime battles with your children so that you can have more peaceful evenings and nights.

1. Have a Set Bedtime

One thing you can do to prevent bedtime battles with your children is to have a set bedtime for them. If there is a set bedtime, you have eliminated one argument. There is now no reason to argue over when your child will be going to bed because you both know. While it is okay to have a little leeway on special occasions, the more closely you stick to that set bedtime, the better. If you are consistent, your child will know there is no reason to try to argue with you because you will not change your mind.

Have a Bedtime Routine
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