7 Ways to Make Errands Less Stressful when You Have Children ...


Would you like to know some tried and true ways to make errands less stressful when you have children along? Let’s face it; no mother enjoys the stress of a day full of errands when she has children to take along with her to every stop. You love your children and you may even love getting out and doing something with them along, but the combination can make for a very stressful day. Let’s talk about some ways to make errands less stressful that I found worked well with my own children.

1. Start Early

One of the best ways to make errands less stressful is to start early. If you start them early in the day you have several different advantages. Stores and other places will be less crowded than later on. Everyone is well rested and no one needs a nap. Additionally, in the summer time, you can avoid the worst heat of the day by getting your errands done early on.

Take Care of Everyone’s Needs First
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