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Are you struggling in finding ways for dealing with your child’s motion sickness? I hope I can help you with this as a veteran mom of two kids with motion sickness. Although I don’t have the science down perfectly, I have learned a few tricks along the way. Dealing with your child’s motion sickness can help make trips easier for you and for them.

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Carry a Bucket or a Bowl

You need to carry a bucket or a bowl for kids if they are prone to motion sickness. I have chosen to use one that is square and wide. It works really well and slides under the seat nicely. Another option is to use a bag. I don’t like this option as much because there was always the struggle of getting it out of the glove compartment and open before they get sick. The main point is, you have a vomit catcher ready when you are dealing with your child’s motion sickness.


Stop the Car

Sometimes, if you just stop the car for a few minutes, it can stop a bout of motion sickness. This isn’t always possible if you are on your way to an appointment or other engagement, but when you can, it does make a difference. Simply allowing your motion sick child to get some fresh air and stand on solid ground can help them tremendously. This is better than having to stop the car to clean a sick kid up any day.


Encourage Them to Look Far Ahead

It can help if you encourage your child to look far ahead. When you do this, they aren’t focusing so closely on watching things moving. They are also getting their mind off of their upset tummy. I would try to look into the distance and tell my children something specific to look at. Then as we got closer to that item, I would find something new for them to look at.


Don’t Allow Them to Read or Play Video Games

If your child is prone to motion sickness and you allow them to read or play video games in the car, you are more than likely asking for it. This will make them very sick. Even people that don’t normally get motion sickness can succumb to it when they take part in these activities. Try audiobooks for entertainment or car games. You just have to be a little more creative with entertainment.


Roll the Window down

Rolling the window down is a bit like stopping the car. It doesn’t work quite as well but can help when you absolutely do not have time for a stop. The fresh air can help your motion sick child to feel better. I would try to roll the window down a bit that was closest to them so it would directly hit their face. This can help a lot.


Choose the Straightest Route

Where we live, there are many curvy roads. Curvy roads are the enemy of motion sick children. It really helps to try to find the straightest route to take when you are going somewhere. Time matters, too. A short, straight shot is what you are searching for to prevent motion sickness.


Buy Some Sea-bands

Sea-bands are wonderful little inventions. I used them on both of my motion sick children and they cut down on the number of motion sickness events we dealt with tremendously. They are a pair of bracelets, one for each arm. They are snug and put pressure on a point that helps to stop nausea. They were simply magic for us.

Motion sickness is an awful thing to deal with for your child. What have you found that helps your child deal with this? I would love to hear from you.

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I agree with the reading, I instantly feel sick if I read in the car and it's been like that since I was little

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