7 Tips for Making Baby's First Christmas Special ...


Tips for baby’s first Christmas aren’t just for the first baby born into your family! Every baby’s first Christmas is special, and there are fun things you’ll want to make sure you do with each little one that comes along. Christmastime brings out the kid in all of us, or at least for me it does! If you have a brand new little one this year, here are some tips for baby’s first Christmas that you can take into consideration when trying to decide what fun and special things to do.

1. Buy Christmas Pajamas

Of all my tips for baby’s first Christmas, this one is my favorite! It’s a tradition I carry out in my own family! On Christmas Eve, be sure to dress your sweet bundle of joy in some brand new Christmas jammies! That way, on Christmas morning, amongst all the gift opening and hubbub, you’ll be sure to get cute snapshots with Christmas pajamas!

Make a Christmas Ornament
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