7 Things to Sterilize before You Give It to Your Baby ...


When you are prepping for a new baby, there are a few things to sterilize before you give it to your bundle of joy for the first time! Even if you bought the item brand new, or someone gave it to you as a gift brand new, it’s still a good idea to sterilize items that will be going in or near your baby’s mouth and nose. Read on for my list of things to sterilize for a new infant!

1. Bottles

Some of the important things to sterilize for your little one are baby bottles! Baby bottles are easy to sterilize and you don’t need to buy a fancy machine or steamer for it. Just drop the bottles into a pot of already boiling water for five minutes. Remove them with tongs, and allow them to air dry! It’s important to make sure you have enough water to cover the bottles and to make sure the water is boiling before you drop the bottles in. You should also wash the bottles with soap and water first.

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