7 Hilariously Silly Things All Mothers Complain about ...


If you, too, have discovered that the echo of your mother's voice is coming out of your own mouth, it's a great time to have a good laugh at several hilariously silly things all mothers complain about. I've learned in my almost twenty-one years of motherhood that I complain about some of these myself. So, grab a latte and let's have a great time reviewing seven hilariously silly things all mothers complain about.

1. Accidents do Happen

Among the funniest things, all mothers complain about is the notion that you must have on clean underwear if you're ever in an accident. That mothers all over dwell on the unsavory thought that a paramedic may reflect on their parenting skills if your underwear isn't clean is simply hilarious, yet it's a common complaint all over the board. I don't know about you, but if I'm ever the deer caught in the headlights as a semi-truck is approaching my car, the last thing I know I will have on is clean underwear.

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