7 Reasons Not to Judge Women for How They Feed Their Babies ...


There are great reasons not to judge women for what food source they choose for their new babies, be it breastmilk or formula.

We are wired to want what's absolutely best for our children and often times outsiders don't have any insight into the decision-making process.

Even when close family and friends do have insight, judgment still can fly in the face of new moms, which is the last thing they want to hear.

Keep reading for some great reasons not to judge women and to instead be happy that children are being fed and cared for!

1. It's Personal

One of the top reasons not to judge women for how they feed their babies is that it's a personal choice.

Whether it is breastmilk or formula, a mother didn't come to her choice lightly and probably weighed all the options before making her decision.

It's best to show support in what she decides, knowing her baby is being well fed and loved!

2. Mothers Want What's Best

Ultimately, mothers want what's best for their children from the moment they find out they're expecting.

Assuming anyone else knows what is best for her and her baby is simply undermining a mom's innate ability to protect and care for her child (unless there is a problem with maternal care, of course).

A baby that is well fed, clothed, happy and loved is all that matters!

3. A Baby May Have Special Dietary Needs

Sometimes a new baby has dietary needs that outsiders are unaware of.

A mother may not be producing enough breast milk and so she has to supplement with formula, or perhaps a baby is on the small side and needs extra calories.

Formula alone may be the best option for many reasons as well.

The point is, there are potential dietary needs of newborns that we should all consider before just assuming based on our own opinions!

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