Extremely Helpful Ways to Speed Things up ⏳ for when You Are in Labor 😫👶 ...


Inducing labor isn’t something to do on a whim. I provide these tips specifically for women who are 39 weeks pregnant or further along, who may be experiencing lots of false or “practice” labor, or women who may be forced to have a C-section or induction if they haven’t went into spontaneous labor by a certain date per doctors orders and would prefer a natural birth. Please run any of these methods by a doctor before trying them just as a final precaution! If you’re all set, here are some natural tips and ways to induce labor at home!

1. Have a Massage and Acupressure Session

By far, my favorite method for inducing labor is to have a nice relaxing massage and acupressure session! It’s good for expectant mothers to relax, and get all those kinks worked out anyway! Choose a licensed, professional therapist, and remember to always speak up if something is painful or if you feel uncomfortable at any time during your session.

Visit a Chiropractor for a Spinal Adjustment
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