7 Ways to Teach Your Child to Apologize ...


When your child learns to issue an apology at a very young age, it seems to come as second nature. It tends to be a lot less stressful for people to apologize for something they’ve done when the apology doesn’t have to be forced out of them. Here are 7 ways to teach your child to apologize and hopefully make it a less painful and more natural experience.

7. Set a Good Example

Apologize when you are wrong. No matter how trivial you think the incident was, apologize so your child can see that this is a polite thing to do. If your child looks confused or asks why you are apologizing, be sure to let him know why. Explain the situation as best as possible and in appropriate terms for his age and then tell him why you felt the need to apologize. This will help him understand when an apology might be necessary.

Teach Him Right from Wrong at a Young Age
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