10 Ways to Survive Your Child's Teen Years ...


Kids do not come with a manual however, parents gain leverage when you learn ways to survive your child's teen years. Before you assume that your child has become possessed and immediately believe they hate you—breathe! The teen years don't have to be a major crisis if you learn new techniques that are to your advantage. Let's acquire these benefits by learning some ways to survive your child's teen years!

1. Rebellion—It's Not Personal

Adolescence is a confusing time for kids, and by learning ways to survive your child's teen years, you can help them more effectively. They are caught at a crossroads where they are not a baby, but they are not an adult either. Primarily, the reason they rebel is to become their own person. The moment you take their rantings and overt drama personally is the second that you become the enemy, and it turns into a game of tug-of-war.

No, Drill Sergeant!
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