7 Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe Anywhere ...


There are plenty of ways to keep your kids safe, so you can mix and match the ones that apply to your situation so you always know your little ones are out of harm’s way. Of course, accidents are still possible and there are no guarantees, but vigilance and awareness are two of a parent’s best tools when it comes to safety. My list by no means covers all the ways to keep your kids safe, but it goes through some of the bigger ones. Check them out, but feel free to impart any of your wisdom on me as well.

1. Monitor Online Activities

One of the best ways to keep your kids safe from unseen dangers is to know what they’re doing online. I keep our computer in a central location where I can easily glance at what’s on the screen anytime I want or need to. My kids aren’t old enough to have smartphones yet, but experts strongly encourage parents to install safety features and check their child’s phone often for strange text messages or search histories. Child predators lurk online, but aren’t always easy to detect, so it really pays to keep your kid’s online activity at the forefront your mind.

Keep Them in Sight
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