7 Ways to Get through Your Child's Birthday Party with Your Sanity Intact ...


Your child’s birthday is momentous, but it’s also hard, so having some ways to get through a child’s birthday party can keep you from going insane while also having fun. No matter how old your child is, the pressure to create the perfect birthday party is huge. Stop competing with the other moms and think about throwing a party your child will love, no matter how simple. Here are my go-to ways to get through a child’s birthday party.

1. Consider Your Child’s Likes and Dislikes

Who cares if the mom down the street hired circus animals for her kid’s birthday? If your child doesn’t like animals, you’re never going to win by copying her. Think about the things your child likes and build a party around them. This is the best of the many ways to get through a child’s birthday party because if your child is having fun, you’ll be less stressed. So if your son loves dinosaurs or your daughter can’t get enough unicorns, use that to create a theme for a party you’ll both love.

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