7 Tips on How to Stay Safe during a School Shooting to Share with Your Kids ...


Teaching my kids how to stay safe during a school shooting is something I would have never imagined before they were born. I guess I was naive in thinking that school is the safest place for kids, despite living just minutes from Columbine High School. As it happens more often, I’ve decided that’s it imperative to give my kids these vital tips for how to stay safe during a school shooting.

1. Report Any Threats

Kids aren’t always that great at handling strong emotions and are apt to say things they might not even understand when they get angry. My kids know that if they ever hear a kid at school saying they will kill another student or something else threatening, they are to immediately tell a teacher and myself when they get home. This teaches kids how to stay safe during a school shooting by helping alert adults about the possibility that a student may do something dangerous. However, once a shooting is in progress, children need to know safety tips that can save lives.

Listen to Adults