7 Tips on How Not to Yell at Your Child ...


I think all parents would like to gain the wisdom to know how not to yell at your child. Usually, we end up yelling when we feel out of control with the situation we are dealing with. We don’t know what else to do to get our message across to them. These are some tips on how not to yell at your child when you are feeling that way.

1. Lower Your Voice Instead

Sometimes it helps if we lower our voice instead of raising it. This is true for a couple of different reasons. One, it requires you to be very intentional, which means you will think more carefully about what you are saying. Two, your child will notice the difference in your voice and it will get their attention. They will wonder what is going on and pay very close attention to you and what you are saying. This is one of the best tips for how not to yell at your child.

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