7 Tips for Getting Housework Done with a Baby ...


Getting housework done with a baby can be tough. Some days you are so busy that it can be difficult to even find enough time to take a shower. Luckily, there are tips that you can use that may make getting housework done with a baby a little bit easier. I hope some of them help you.

1. Take Advantage of Naps

When my children were newborns, I got advice from lots of different people. One of the best tips I received about getting housework done with a baby was to use my time wisely. One way that I did this was by cleaning when my babies took a nap. Of course there were times that this happened when we weren't home. There were also times that I was way too exhausted to do any cleaning. I always found however, that I could get the bulk of my chores done during nap time.

Clean as You Go
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