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As parents it is natural to worry about the things your child should know before kindergarten, but you may be surprised about the sort of things teachers wished students knew before starting school. Chances are you child’s kindergarten teacher is less concerned about him knowing how to count or how to identify his ABC’s. Find out what things your child should know before kindergarten below.

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Sitting Still

We all know that kindergarteners want to play and have fun, but in the classroom your child will be expected to sit still and listen carefully. One way to prepare your child for sitting still and not disturbing others is to attend story time at your local library. This way you can watch your child and correct or praise him on sitting still.



One thing your child should know before kindergarten is how to listen. Not only does your child need to be able to sit still, but listening is also very important. A child should be able to listen to instructions from his teacher without interrupting.


Follow Directions

Following directions can be difficult, but it is so important for your child to know how to follow simple directions before starting kindergarten. You can work on this at home by giving your child a series of two or three commands to complete as part of a task. For example you can ask him to put his dishes in the sink, wipe down the table, and then wash his hands.


Button Pants

Another thing your child should know before kindergarten is how to button his pants. His kindergarten class could be filled with 20 or more students. If each student struggled to button their pants after going to the bathroom it will take away from learning time. Help your child master button his pants before kindergarten or buy pants that fasten easy.


Fasten Shoes

It would be nice if every kindergartener knew how to tie shoe laces, but that is a fine motor skill that some children may not be able to accomplish just yet. However, you can help your child and his teacher by having him wear shoes that he can fasten on his own. Velcro is amazing and there are so many cute Velcro shoes out there for kids.



Chances are sharing has been something you have tried teaching your child from the very beginning. This is especially true if you have more than one kid. Wanting to share can be difficult for any kid, but it is definitely something your child should know before kindergarten.



I’m not suggesting your child start kindergarten all prim and proper, ready for dinner with the Queen. But knowing a few simple manners won’t hurt. Children should know to say “please” and “thank you,” how to wait turns, and treats others kindly.

These are the things your child should know before kindergarten. Making sure your child knows these skills will get them off to a great start and help your child’s teacher out as well. If you are a teacher or a parent, what are somethings that feel are important for children to know before starting kindergarten.

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Awesome article!

Krixta it's the parents job to raise the child. As a parent why wouldn't you want your child to exceed expectation? Why do parents now days expect everyone else to raise their child, that's why there are more & more idiots like krixta now days if you blame everyone else you set them up for failure

Great article

"It is not the child's job to be ready for school; it is school's job to be ready for the child".

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