7 Tips to Help Children with Homework ...


7 Tips to Help Children with Homework ...
7 Tips to Help Children with Homework ...

Many parents wonder how to help their children with homework. If you are a parent you probably have many of the same questions. From time management to private tutoring, there are a few key things that can help make homework time with children easier. Follow these 7 tips to help children with homework to improve homework time at your house.

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Homework Area

Children need a good place to work on their homework. Set up a desk or table equipped with good lightening and proper supplies like paper, pencils, glue and scissors. Make sure it's well lit, with plenty of room for everything they need. If possible, dedicate this space to homework only; this space is just for homework, and not for anything else.


Study Time

The next step in helping children with homework is to set a time for homework and studying. Stay consistent with it. Find a time that works best for your child and family. At my house we do homework shortly after she comes home from school and has a snack. Some families make homework time after dinner, while mom and dad are doing dishes.


No Distractions

The TV, loud music, phone calls or ringing doorbells can keep kids from focusing on their work. Teachers who offer advice on how to help children with homework tell parents to keep distractions to a minimum. Again, consider the space where your child is doing homework. Along with being well-stocked, is it free of distractions? Or is the TV blaring, and are cell phones buzzing?


Stay Informed

Be sure to ask your kids about their assignments. Find out what they are learning. Keep a calendar of projects and upcoming tests. The more you know about what is going on, the more you can help them stay on task. If your children are older, consider introducing them to student agendas... in fact, some elementary and middle schools are embracing this idea already!


Don’t do Their Work

Surprisingly many parents do their kids' homework. Make sure when you help a child with a homework problem, you guide them through, not do the work for them. See if they know what steps to take next instead of taking over. It takes some restraint, especially when your child seems frustrated, but if you're doing the work for them, they won't learn the subject, and that is, after all, the point of homework, isn't it?


Offer Praise

Another way of helping kids with their homework is to commend their hard work. Celebrate aced test with a special dinner or treat. Let your kids overhear you bragging about their good work to friends and family. Grandma will love to hear how awesome her grand babies are doing and the kids will feel a great sense of achievement knowing that Mommy is talking them up to others.


Seek Help

If you continue to wonder how to help your children with homework and study time is becoming increasingly difficult, you may need to seek outside help. Talk to your child’s teacher or hire a tutor. Some schools also offer peer tutoring, which can also be helpful.

It’s important to learn how to help children with homework. What are some of the things you do to help your children at homework time? Have you tried any of these tips?

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