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7 Tips on How to Make It a Kid Friendly Birthday ...

By Melissa

Are you looking for tips on how to throw a kid friendly birthday party? Maybe you are an aunt, uncle or close family friend that doesn’t have children and have been tasked with planning little Tommy’s birthday party because Mom is too busy. Don’t worry I have you covered with 7 tips on how to make it a kid friendly birthday.

1 Theme

Kids love themed parties. Find out what the little ones current faves are and go from there. Little boys may want a pirate, monster truck, or army themed party. Little girls may be more interested in princess, ponies, or a rock-star theme.

2 Time

The time of day is another big thing to consider when planning a kid friendly birthday party. If many of the children are younger and still take naps than perhaps a mid-morning party would be ideal. Nothing is worse than a birthday party full of crying cranky toddlers. Older kids should do fine with a mid-afternoon or early evening party, but I wouldn’t go for a late night party, unless it is a sleepover.


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3 Food

You probably aren’t going to get rave reviews if you serve a bunch of children fresh oyster and muscles. Kids are more into pizza, finger sandwiches, or hot dogs. Fresh fruit, veggies, and chips are also a good idea. Avoid spicy foods at all cost.

4 Games

Suck and blow or spin the bottle won’t go well at a kid friendly birthday party. Kids will be grossed out by the idea of kissing and getting cooties and parents maybe a little appalled. Luckily there are many great kid friendly birthday party games. Try musical chairs, freeze dance, or bucket toss.

5 Music

Kids also like music at parties. They may not appreciate heavy metal or the lyrical geniuses of Eminem but they do still love music. For your best bet find a kid friendly music station through cable television or try Disney Radio. If you can’t find Disney Radio on your AM dial they also have an app for your smart phone or a website with streaming music.

6 Goodie Bags

Most kids expect to leave a party with something. I usually put together simple goodie bags with a couple of pieces of candy or bubble gum, a temporary tattoo, and a pencil. Check the your dollar store for many cheap ideas.

7 Schedule

Don’t try to pack the party with a tight schedule. For a kid friendly birthday party you want to keep things easy going but still be sure to get everything done. Start with a couple of easy games with a little bit of play time. Follow up with a quick snack or meal, cake and ice cream, and then presents.

Planning a kid friendly birthday party doesn’t have to be difficult as long as you keep things simple and age appropriate. Children like to play and have fun. What are some tips you have for a kid friendly birthday party?

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