7 Things We Really Don't Need for a Baby That We're Tricked into Thinking We do ...


When I was pregnant I, like most of you, was tricked into buying things we don't really need for a baby. I walked into Babies R Us and was dazzled by full nursery sets, bright singing toys, and other things we don't really need for a baby but are somehow tricked into believing that we do. These are the 7 things that I bought for my son's birth that I never really needed.

1. Changing Table

I know, this doesn't really seem like one of the things we don't really need for a baby, but trust me, it is. The changing table was nice when he was just a little guy that didn't struggle to get away from me when I changed him, but when he started to fight back and I started having to put him into an anaconda leg hold to hold him still, the floor became a much easier place to change him.

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