7 Things to Think of before considering Ballet Classes for Your Children ...


You may be considering ballet classes for your children; however, before you drive to the nearest ballet studio to enroll your kids in ballet, there are several important factors to consider. Like many little girls I dreamed of being a ballerina and would dance around the house to the music from Swan Lake. Seeing how much I loved ballet, my mom enrolled me in classes. As I got older and more advanced my mom and I realized that ballet is a very complex art form that requires highly skilled teachers. As someone who has danced for many years, I now know everything you should look for when you are contemplating ballet classes for your children.

1. There Are Different Methods

Ballet is based upon extremely precise movements and body placements, and how the body is placed and moves depends upon the method that is taught. Two of the most common methods are Vaganova and Cecchetti. Each of these methods calls for the hands to be held a certain way, the arms to be positioned a certain way, the head to be held a certain way, and so on. There is no real advantage of one over the other. Both have specific syllabi and both have specific levels. One of the main differences is that Cecchetti has exams that students have to pass to move on to the next level. I should mention that many schools use a combination of methods, which is fine so long as they can explain why they have chosen certain movements and placements from one method over another. It may not seem that important to choose one method over another when considering ballet classes for your children, and it’s not unless you have an aesthetic preference. What is important is that the school director can explain the method they do use because this shows they are knowledgeable.

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