7 Things to Build with Legos That Your Kids Will Love ...

There are virtually millions of things to build with Legos, so you should never have a shortage of great ideas. The sets are super fun to put together, but you can also stock up on loose bricks so you can create your own masterpieces. I think my kids have more fun with their own ideas than they do putting together the big sets. If you have loads of loose bricks lying around, now is the time to come up with some new things to build with Legos. You’ll have some fun and your kids will love seeing what you come up with.

1. A City

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My kids and I once spent an entire afternoon building a city out of Legos. We had a great time adding new features and coming up with new ideas. It didn’t stay together for long, but it was one of the best things to build with Legos that we’ve ever come up with. Make sure you include houses, a mall, a grocery store, a hospital, restaurants and a school. You will never forget how much fun this is to put together.

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