7 Easy Ways to Exercise when You Have a Baby on the Way ...


Exercising while you are pregnant can help to reduce the effects of your out of control hormones along with bettering both your mental and physical health. Studies show you can have a speedier and healthier delivery. And you will have loads more energy. Take it from me as a certified trainer for over a decade, also certified in prenatal exercise and who has three children. I exercised throughout each pregnancy and now I am carrying a fourth child and doing the same. I do not just talk the talk but I walk the walk. So check out the easy ways to exercise when you have a baby on the way. And of course make sure you fill your doctor in on your plans!

1. Walking

To get a great workout while pregnant and also ease your worried mind, go for a walk. With my first child I walked every single day of my pregnancy up until labor. I felt so much better and this was less stress than running, which I did with my next two. For beginners this is the best way to get a workout in, aid digestion and your circulation system.

Floor Exercises
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