9 Common Complaints of Pregnancy and How You Can Combat Them ...

Common complaints of pregnancy may differ from woman to woman, but for the most part, each pregnant woman can empathize with fellow mothers in the pregnancy department. Although one woman may not have all the same symptoms as another woman, she has likely dealt with at least half of the items on my list of common complaints of pregnancy! If you’re expecting a baby, or trying to become pregnant, then read on so you will know what to expect and how to combat it!

1. Heartburn

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Probably one of the most common complaints of pregnancy is heartburn. There are several things you can do to relieve heartburn. First of all, watch your diet and see if certain things you eat trigger heartburn. Avoid those items, as well as anything with lots of acids like tomatoes, grapes, or citrus fruits. You can also reduce your risk for heartburn by eating smaller, frequent meals throughout the day instead of three big meals. If your heartburn persists to the point of tears, talk with your doctor about over-the-counter remedies that may work for you!

2. Nausea

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There are those few lucky women who never have a moment of nausea through their whole pregnancy. But for the ones who face it daily, here is what you can do! Sip on ginger ale or Sprite to calm your stomach. Nibbling on crackers in the morning to soak up stomach acids can also keep nausea at bay. Some women swear by peppermint or sour candy!

3. Swelling

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Your body’s liquids increase by over 50% when you are pregnant! You need enough blood volume to support you and baby both, and then there are amniotic fluids, as well as extra water to keep both of you hydrated. Swelling is bound to occur! Here is what to do. Wear loose, comfortable clothing and shoes. Make sure you drink the recommended amount of water, as well as lots of juice and milk. Don’t overload on salty foods, but don’t cut salt out of your diet entirely. You need a balanced amount of salt in your diet. Livestrong.com says that about 1 Β½ teaspoon per day is the recommended amount for pregnant women.

4. Hemorrhoids

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One of the more uncomfortable complaints of pregnancy is hemorrhoids. There’s not much you can do to prevent them, but here is what you can do to help relieve the discomfort. Drink water to stay hydrated, and include fiber in your diet to make bowel movements easier. Use soft toilet paper and try not to scrub the area. Witch hazel is a great astringent for relief, so apply some to a cotton ball and swab the area as often as needed.

5. Constipation

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No one enjoys being constipated, and during pregnancy it can happen more than you might realize. Hydration is key to avoid it, however, you may still struggle a bit even if you’re drinking plenty of water. Include some fruit juices in your diet. Apples and bananas are also a great way to loosen things up, and so is spinach.

6. Fatigue

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Growing a baby is a lot of work! So it makes sense that you are easily tired. When you feel exhausted, sit down and rest. Sneak a nap in if you can! You will feel better, and that rest is essential for your growing child too! Don’t overload yourself with commitments, as this may bring on stress-induced fatigue.

7. Headaches

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You may start to see a common pattern throughout this article. Hydration is key for so many things during pregnancy, including headaches! If you get them often, it could be a sign of dehydration! Drink some water, and lie down in a quiet, dark place to rest. If headaches persist, mention it to your doc just to be on the safe side.

8. Emotional Roller Coaster

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Unfortunately, there’s not a whole lot you can do to steady your emotions when pregnant. My best advice is to try and avoid stressful situations when possible. Have someone that you can talk to for support! If you need to cry, then cry. Got the giggles? Have a laugh or two! When you are worn out, rest. And know that these hormonal feelings are all only temporary and will pass shortly after baby’s birth.

9. Feelings of Being Unattractive

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Many pregnant women may feel unattractive with their changing bodies. If this is the case for you, then know that pregnancy is one of the most beautiful times for a woman! Focus on things like your glowing skin and shiny hair. Rub some lotion on your shoulders or have a pedicure! Do something to make yourself feel gorgeous. Having a loving and reassuring partner will also help. Just make sure that you tell your spouse that you need to be reminded daily that you are still attractive in their eyes!

Now please bear in mind that not every woman experiences all of these symptoms, but they are pretty common for most pregnancies. But there is an easy fix for most of them, and pregnancy has some lovely perks as well! If you have ever had any of these symptoms while you were pregnant, how did you relieve them? Please comment below and thanks for reading!

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