7 Awesome Reasons Why Babies Are Smarter than You Think ...


Everybody loves them and all the silly or downright weird things they do, but did you know there are many awesome reasons why babies are smarter than you think? They drool, cry for no reason for hours, can laugh hysterically at your finger and can't even go to the ladies' room. They're a total mess, basically, and yet there's much more going on in their cute, chubby little head than you could imagine! Here are just a few of the many reasons why babies are smarter than you think.

1. Babies Have the Sense of Equality and Fairness

One of the reasons why babies are smarter than you think is that they can tell what's fair and what's not even before they can speak properly - a characteristic many of us, adults, don't seem to have anymore. According to a study conducted by the University of Washington, children as little as 15 months old have the concept of equality and can recognize a violation of fairness.

A Baby's Brain is Twice as Hard-Working as That of an Adult
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