8 Great Tips for Stay-at-Home Moms ...


Although I don't yet have any kids myself, I have so much respect for mothers – especially stay-at-home moms. You guys have the equivalent of two full time jobs – more than that, if you also work from home. I think it's a shame when people fail to realize that. In fact, some stay-at-home mothers don't equate what they do as the hard job that it really is. It's always important to remember how hard you work, and these great tips for stay-at-home moms can really help.

1. Take Time for You

You absolutely have to take time for yourself if you stay at home with the kids, especially if you're working at the same time. Remember, nine-to-fivers get to take all kinds of breaks, plus their day is done when they get off work – yours isn't. Take some time for yourself throughout the day, in the evening when you spouse or partner gets home, and/or on the weekends. You have to reconnect with yourself.

Take Time with Your Partner
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