10 Things to do with Your Kids when It Rains ...


10 Things to do with Your Kids when It Rains ...
10 Things to do with Your Kids when It Rains ...

Moms know that summer time rocks because kids play outdoors. In the summer moms seem to get more done since the kids are not constantly clamoring for something to do. Rainy days trap the kids inside and when they are at a loss for activity, they turn to mom. Here are some ideas for cold, rainy day activities.

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Tent Making

Allot some space in the house for the kids to make a tent. Give them quilts and blankets; encourage them to use their imaginations to build a tent where they can play... and it doesn't hurt to give the little campers some snacks when they're done!


Homemade Fun

Gather flour, water, salt and oil to make homemade play dough. Homemade dough is natural, non toxic and inexpensive to make plus the kids can use food coloring to create their favorite colors.


Reading Day

Declare the day a rainy day reading holiday. Reading to your children is always a wonderful idea; reading time reinforces the bond between parents and children. Either take them to the local library, or just read books you already have and love.


Movie Day

If you have older children, dedicate rainy days to making your own movies. Get out the video camera and make a family film of the rainy day’s events.


Art Contest

Kids love competition. Gather the kids for a best art project competition; use rules such as the projects must be made with things from around the house.


Puppet Show

Challenge your children to make sock puppets and put on a show. Remember to video tape it!


Play in the Rain

If the kids are really begging to go out, let them. Put warm clothes on everybody (including you) and play in the rain. It’s just rain and mud; it washes off!


Go to the Library

Local libraries have a lot of fun programs everyday. Call the local library, maybe the rainy day will transform into a fun day of learning... or just reading (see above, item 3).


Cooking Day

Use the rainy day to let the kids help to cook their favorite foods.Kids love to cook and bake!


Slumber Party/ Game Night

Rainy days are perfect for playing games with the family. Why not take it one step further and throw a family slumber party complete with snacks, games and pajamas?

Rainy days happen and it is best to be prepared with some ideas for entertaining housebound kids. Rainy days present the perfect scenario for creating family memories of times well-spent together. What do you do with your family on rainy days?

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thank you, what fantastic ideas!!

This was a handy read. my kids and I are going to be trapped inside after promising them swimming at cedar key. We live in ocala where there is very little. Im leaving a link to this article on my own blog, and thank you for the parenting tip! -single dad in ocala

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