5 Websites 💻 for Parents to Keep Their Kids 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Safe ⚠️ ...


If you have kids, you need to know about the websites that help parents keep their children safe. We all know that the world is not always the safest place—especially for our most vulnerable—our children. But the good thing is that as parents we can educate ourselves—gather some basic tools and information that can make a big difference in our ability to protect our children. And even better, many of these answers are readily available: they’re on the Internet. So here goes: let’s take a look at some websites that help parents keep their children safe.

1. Safe Medications for Breastfeeding or Pregnant Moms

When pregnant or breastfeeding, Mom may wonder if the medications she is using are safe for her unborn or breastfeeding child. For example, let’s say Mom has a cold. Could the cough medicine she’s taking be harmful to her unborn child? Or she has acne and uses a topical acne cream? Or what about after pregnancy while she’s breastfeeding. Is it ok for her to take an antibiotic? Will it be passed on to the baby in her breast milk?

Even over-the-counter medications such as aspirin can be dangerous.

Mom should always discuss the medications she is using with her doctor.

But there’s also a website that can give Mom more information about the risks or safety profile of the medications she is using: mothertobaby.org

It’s a great website, and it even has a telephone number to call! This is one of the best websites that help parents keep their children safe.

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