7 Tips to Help You Decide How Much Rent to Charge Your Kids ...


Are you wondering how much rent to charge your kids once they start working?

Some parents are reluctant to charge their adult children any rent at all, and some kids feel that it's their parents' obligation to keep providing them with free accommodation even once they start working.

But if you don't charge them a reasonable amount, you won't teach them some valuable life lessons.

So how much should they pay?

Here are some tips to help you decide how much rent to charge your kids …

1. What do They Earn?

A good place to start when working out how much rent to charge your kids is by looking at their take-home pay.

If they don't earn very much, it's probably not fair to charge them market rent.

Many people choose instead to charge their offspring a certain percentage of their take-home pay, which can be a good option if they're only working part-time.

Extra Costs
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