8 Things You Didn't Know about Pregnancy ...


There can’t be many things you didn’t know about pregnancy, right?

We’ve all seen it on TV.

Someone gets that "odd" feeling, pees on a stick, feels scared/stressed/happy/shocked, and then the morning sickness starts.

Add in the boob growth, huge bumps, scan excitement and that labor always starts in the middle of the night, causing your husband to completely freak out, and the whole thing is almost scripted, right?!

Er – it appears not.

Here are the top 8 things you didn’t know about pregnancy…

1. It’s Sexy – or Isn’t It?!

A recent study on things you didn’t know about pregnancy found that women who had just given birth were unprepared for the libido changes that occur during pregnancy.

One minute you feel amazing, with full, glossy hair, big boobs and that amazing pregnancy glow – and the next you feel shattered, and utterly odd.

And that’s before you start wondering if sex during pregnancy is a little weird – that adorable baby is far too innocent, surely?!

It’s all totally normal – but totally unexpected, too.

2. Baby Names Suck

Okay, so that might seem a little harsh.

But life was so much easier when you chose baby names at 12!

When you are choosing for real, there is so much to consider.

Do you want a modern name, or something more traditional?

What goes well with your surname?

What names have cousins/sisters/nieces already used?

Do your dream initials spell a rude word?!

And that’s before you start looking into the meaning of names, or your husband reveals he hates the name you’ve set your heart on.


3. The First Trimester is Scariest

Ask a bunch of childless women when the scariest month of pregnancy is, and they’ll tell you month 9, no question.

But it’s actually the first three months that are the most stressful.

Morning sickness tends to be worst during this period, which makes life seem a little rubbish, and the higher possibility of miscarriage during those early months can play on your mind too.

Everyone wants to hit that 12 week safety time, when you can share your news!

Then there are all the tough decisions you have to make.

Most genetic testing takes place early, and with all the odds and risks, it can feel crazy.

Luckily, after the third month, everything settles down and you can love being pregnant once more.

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