8 Things to Consider before Naming Your Baby ...


8 Things to Consider before Naming Your Baby ...
8 Things to Consider before Naming Your Baby ...

There are a few key essential things to consider before naming your baby, and I’d love to share those with you today! Naming a child is a huge honor, but it’s also a great responsibility because this name will go with your baby throughout their whole life. Each parent has different styles and tastes, but bear in mind that these are just optional guidelines to follow. Please continue reading for 8 things to consider before naming your baby!

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Nicknames and Initials

Probably one of the most important things to consider before naming your baby is the nickname your child may adopt from their full name. If you don’t want your child’s name shortened to Jess, or John, steer clear of names like Jessica or Jonathan. Also, stay away from names that could be shortened into something mean or hurtful. Don’t forget to take your last name when combined with your choices, and what your child’s initials would be into consideration. These are all things that can have a huge impact on your child when they get older!



Do you want to have each of your children’s names start with the same letter? Would you like to have your boys’ names rhyme and your girls’ names rhyme? Maybe you would like a theme, say flower names for girls and country singers for boys? Deciding right away if you want a pattern is helpful in choosing a name for your baby!


Name Meaning

Never underestimate the importance of finding out what a name means before you choose it! Some parents like to choose a name completely based on what it means. There is nothing wrong with this method, but some people just pick a name they like and go with it. If name meaning is important to you, make sure you find out the meaning of the baby name you have picked out before signing the birth certificate!



Have you considered naming your baby after someone in your life? Perhaps your spouse, or a relative, maybe a good friend or even yourself! Some people like to pass a name down generation-to-generation, or name their kids after someone they idolize or someone who made a big impact on their life. Consider your spouse's feelings in this matter too, and ask yourself whether you want to give your child a namesake.


Family Religion or Beliefs

Depending on your family religion, you may choose a name to support your belief system or causes you rally for. If you have devout faith, discuss whether you want to name your child for a religious leader or cause. Maybe you or your spouse has family traditions that require you to name your child for religious beliefs. If not, you can still name your baby for a cause you support.


Family Name

Do you and your spouse share the same last name? Are you a single mom? Something to consider before baby arrives is the last name you want your child to have. Some families choose to hyphenate last names, others choose to give their child the last name of a mother's relative who has no children but wants their name to continue on. This is something to talk about with your spouse or with trusted friends before making a final decision!


Tradition versus Trends

We all know the “traditional” names versus the “trending” names. Names come and go in style, and it’s a matter of opinion. Traditional names will always be around, but trending names come and go. Some people don’t like plain traditional names; others argue that trending names can be over the top. This is all a matter of your own tastes, but something for you to think about when naming your baby!


Your Child’s Feelings

Probably the most important thing to consider when naming your child is their feelings on the matter. If you name your child after someone, ask yourself if your baby will always wish they had their “own” name. If you choose a trending name, how will your child feel when there are 5 other kids in his class with the same name? Do you wonder if a traditional name will always make your child feel boring or not unique? No matter what you decide, as the parent, reassure your child that their name is beautiful and lovely, just as they are!

My husband and I are currently expecting our first baby, and these are things we have taken into consideration. Remember, there is no rush to decide on a name! Some families wait until their baby is born before making a final decision on a name. What are your tips on picking a name for your baby?

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Like celebs naming there poor kids blanket. Or worse trying to make a trade marked brand out of it, blue ivy. I know I would change my name once I hit 18!!

I named my daughter Alicia (a-lis-ea not alesha or alesa) and shortened it to Lis or Lissy rather then Ali and both Alicia andcLis suit her beautifully and both names are as pretty as her! also it's not so unusual it weird and not so common it's everywhere-perfect!xx

I have always LOVED the name Christopher, but hate the nickname Chris. So now that's out for me :/ right now I'm loving Elizabeth, Katherine (after my grandmother) and Masen or Charles

Think of when your kid will be answering the phone or writing out forms. I would avoid weird spellings on normal names. Jessica vs Jeszikah (I've seen it). My kids names are pretty normal and I still have to spell them out. Adelyn, Bennett and Connor.

My cousins name is Cruz and the nicknames for that worked out really well. When he was little we called him Cruiser and now he's older we call him Crew for short.

Named my son Alasdair, the Scottish form of Alexander.... He LOVES his name and introduces himself to everyone. Along with an "isn't that a cool name?" He's proud to be who he is and I couldn't be happier...

I named my son Skyler and most people think I'm crazy for that, but I love it and it suits him. I love the name Oslo for a boy, I know it's a city, but I think it's nice :) my family have a tradition of the middle names all starting with J, James for the boys and Jean for the girls, after our great grand parents. I started my own with my sons middle names being Marcus James are my uncle who passed away. And it I had had a girl the middle name would have been Maria Jean after my who also passed away. I believe it's all up to personal choice.

Pronunciation! My parents originally gave me a name that can only be pronounced in our own, small language. Had to change it!

I do not want to have kids to 😡 with me

I named my son Alexander, nice and normal, but then forced the nickname Xander as opposed to Alex and it has worked well. If he decides he doesn't like one he can swap to the other and he responds to all the variants :)

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