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7 Tips for Preparing to Get Pregnant after Miscarriage ...

By Elizabeth

What are your thoughts as you prepare to get pregnant after miscarriage? Are you nervous? Excited? Maybe a little of both? I, too, stand where you are at. After recently suffering a miscarriage, I find myself looking into the future, wondering what will happen next time around. Here are a few tips to help you prepare to get pregnant after miscarriage that I have found to help me.

1 Grieve First

As you prepare to get pregnant after miscarriage, there are several points to be considered. Grief over the child you lost is at the forefront of this preparation. Research shows that there are more problems connecting with a subsequent, healthy baby following a miscarriage, when the mother hasn't fully moved on from the loss. It is very important, for both your sake and the sake of your new little one, that you be emotionally ready for another baby before getting pregnant again. This is not saying you need to forget that baby that you lost, because you can never do that, but you do have to get to the point of acceptance and a readiness to continue life. If you are borderline depressive upon getting pregnant again, the hormonal imbalance could cause catastrophic depression after giving birth, which would lead to not being able to enjoy your precious little one. So make sure to get back to "normal" before getting pregnant again.

2 Take Your Vitamins

Just because you are not currently pregnant does not mean you can skip the prenatal vitamins! Folic acid, iron, and all those other goodies found in that one tiny pill are vital for a healthy pregnancy, and should be taken well before getting pregnant In fact, I recently read that doctors recommend taking folic acid at least 3 months before planning on getting pregnant. So, set the bottle by your toothbrush, and remember to take one every day!

3 Do Your Research

I have read so much on "studies" for statistics when it comes to miscarriage. At this point, thanks to the internet, I'm unsure what to believe, to be perfectly honest with you. On one website, I read that studies show that you are less likely to miscarry if you get pregnant within 6 months following a miscarriage, while another site told of a study that suggested waiting at least 18 months to assure a better relationship between mother and new baby. Maybe they both have their place and truth, and maybe not. I suggest you do as I plan to do and do your research on both sides and discuss it all with your doctor. The more informed you are going into a meeting with your doctor, the more likely you are to impress the doctor and get more straightforward answers about what you should do concerning another pregnancy.

4 Keep Track

The more information you keep track of when it comes to your cycle, the more help your doctor can be in helping you plan another pregnancy. Knowledge of your cycle is vital, not only for obvious reasons, such as when to "do it" and when to test, but also to help the doctors identify issues that could prevent healthy, future pregnancies. A cycle journal is the best sidekick you could ask for. If you are lucky enough to have a smartphone, there are many apps for keeping track of everything you need to during your cycle, from moods, to bleeding, spotting and intimacy. Check one of them out, and get to tracking!

5 Don't Stress

Stress has been proven to decrease a woman's chances of getting pregnant. It is speculated that the reason for this is because the stress hormones alpha-amylace and cortisol, cause a slower blood flow, which in turn slows the time it takes a fertilized egg to go to the uterus, so it doesn't have time to implant. Just relax and have fun and let nature take its course. You will have a baby before you know it!

6 Less is More

Some people mistakenly think that if they have sex every day, it will increase their chances of getting pregnant. The reality is that it actually reduces your chances. Why? Because the sperm count is lower the more often it is ejaculated. Instead of doing it every day, try only twice a week, and during your most fertile week (referring to your cycle tracker!) try to have sex at the beginning and middle of that week, to ensure the best results. No, it isn't fool-proof, it could definitely still take a while, but doing everything to increase your chances is a good thing, right?

7 Go with Instincts

We were given instincts for a purpose. Sometimes, we know something is wrong, even if we don't know what. If you feel like something might be wrong, but can't place a finger on it, talk to your doctor about some preliminary blood work. After having two miscarriages in a row, I knew something was up, I just didn't know what. I asked my doctor if she would run tests that might give us an idea. I also asked her to run tests on my thyroid, since I have been having weight problems lately. After running my thyroid test, which came back normal, she had them check my vitamin levels and found my Vitamin D was deficient. They immediately put me on a high dose vitamin D regimen. After some brief research, I found that one cause of miscarriage is low vitamin D! I said all that to say this: If you feel like something "just isn't right," talk to your doctor and see if they will test your vitamin levels and such. Even having proper vitamin levels
can make all the difference in the world when getting pregnant!

As you prepare to get pregnant after miscarriage, please keep these tips in mind! The future existence of your baby could depend on it! Keep yourself healthy, don't stress over anything, take your vitamins and above all else, make sure you have fully grieved for your angel baby. Did this article help you? I'd would love to hear from you! Please leave me a comment below!

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