7 Pros and Cons of Midwives Vs Doctors ...


Pros and Cons of Midwives vs Doctors pose a serious question for mothers-to-be, especially if it's first time. Writing this post that compares giving birth with a midwife versus a doctor, I feel as if I may be biased a bit toward this subject, given my wonderful experience with my midwife and the delivery of my first child, but I promise, I'll present this article in a manner that reveals more fact than opinion! Doctors are not totally written off in my book, after all. They're wonderful people with a great deal of skill and deserve a fair chance in consideration when you're choosing your prenatal health care provider. These 7 pros and cons of midwives versus doctors will hopefully be very helpful to you as you make your choice.

1. Midwives Are More Laid Back

Midwives, in my experience, tend to be more casual and apt to form a personal relationship with their patient. My midwife quickly became my friend and made my birth experience more relaxed because I felt like I truly knew her. Doctors tend to keep their visits with you much more professional and straightforward. This holds true in the actual birth experience as well. Your doctor will come in, put gloves on, check your cervix and catch the baby, whereas a midwife is there through more of the labor portion of your birth experience and coaches you as you progress.

Doctors Are More Qualified