11 Not-so-common Baby Names That Are Thankfully Not Strange ...


Choosing the name for an expected baby is tons of fun, and if you're like me, you are probably considering not so common baby names.

Your child will be an individual, so having a name that is common may make him blend in with the crowd a little bit.

While choosing a name that isn't heard too often is great, selecting a name that is way out there may cause confusion and well, just sound silly!

Instead, consider some of the not so common baby names that aren't too off the wall and you'll score a winner.

Here are 11 to consider:

1. Carter


One of my very favorite not so common baby names is Carter.

It's usually heard as a surname, but it certainly works as a first name.

It has a strong sound to it and it will really give the person who dons the name a strong sense of presence.2

This is one of those names that sounds great for a baby, a child and an adult.

Oh, and FYI, I would use this as a name for a boy, though you could certainly use it for a girl if you like.

2. Violet


Do you remember Violet Beauregarde from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?

Well, the first time I heard that name when I was a little girl watching the Gene Wilder version of the movie (Willy Wonka), I fell in love with the name Violet.

It's not so out there, but it certainly isn't a name that you hear every day.

It is sweet, short and has a definite feminine edge.

Plus, being named after a flower as lovely as the Violet has to be fantastic.

3. Joel


I love the name Joel.

I know that it's certainly a name that you have heard of before, but it isn't one of those names that you will call out and 20 little boys will turn their heads.

If I were to have another boy, Joel would be a definite contender.

And, to make this name even cooler than it already is, the name would be after my favorite Piano Man, Billy Joel (what can I say, I'm a Long Island girl!)

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