7 Ways Your Child Sees the World That Will Make You Think ...


Do you ever wish you could see inside your child’s mind? For a parent trying to fathom out your child’s reasoning, it is a never ending task. It’s made harder because at a young age, a child doesn’t have the verbal skills to enunciate their feelings. Want a peek into the way your child might see the world?

1. Bed Time is Horrible

You put your child to bed and think you are doing something in the child’s interest, but your child sees things in a very different light. What your child hears is, “Go lie down…in the dark…alone…for hours.” For you, bedtime is something to look forward to. It is something you miss when you are at work, and feels at its best around 10 minutes before your alarm clock goes off. For your child it is a time to be away from his or her parents for hours. It is a time to be stuck in a room alone. It is a time to be plunged into darkness for a never-ending period of time. It may also be a time to wake up and wonder why everything has changed from the magical dreamland to a dark bedroom.

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