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7 Ways to Tell People You Are Pregnant ...

By Lauren

For most women, figuring out ways to tell people you are pregnant is one of the most exciting things you get to do! You want it to be an unforgettable moment for everyone involved, and that's why there are so many different ideas out there for sharing the big news. Make sure to have someone photograph or videotape everyone's reactions to have a happy and funny keepsake to show your child when they're older. Here are 7 ways to tell people you are pregnant that can help get your creative juices flowing!

1 Have Your Kids Tell

Of all the ways to tell people you are pregnant, here's one that your child can be a part of. Buy or make a T-shirt for your firstborn that bears the message, "I’m going to be a big sister (or brother)." Have your child wear the T-shirt to your next family gathering and watch the fun begin as people realize the big news your child's shirt reveals! Another way to have your child make the big announcement is to have them whisper the "secret" to your family members. Have them say something like, "Psst! I’m going to be a big sister (or brother)!" It will be fun to see the look of surprise on some people's faces and the look of confusion on others. Plus, it keeps your kids from feeling left out by the news of a new baby.

2 Have Your Pet Tell

Don't have a firstborn yet? Then have your furry son or daughter announce the big news instead! The next family gathering that you have at your house, give your pet a sign to hold in their mouth (or hang on their neck) that reads something like "Only Child: Expires 9 Months From Now" or "I'm Going To Be A Big Brother/Sister!" Just make sure your family understands that it is a human baby that's on the way and not another feline or puppy family member! Another fun way to do this is to take a picture of your pet "reading" the book "What To Expect When You're Expecting" and post it to Facebook to see who can figure out what you're insinuating first!

3 Put a Bun in the Oven

The next time you’re hosting friends or family, literally put a bun in your oven. When your guests arrive, invite them into the kitchen to see what you're cooking for dinner. With your partner by your side, say something like, "Look what we’re cooking! What is that?" Then smile as your guests put this play on words together in their heads and realize you're insinuating that you're pregnant! Be warned, it may be a little weird if no one understands the term "bun in the oven," but it will definitely be even more hilarious if they can't figure it out and think you've just gone crazy.

4 Wedding Album Surprise

If you didn't want to wait long after your wedding to become parents, this is a great idea for you. Usually the albums take some time to get to your after your wedding so it may be a while until anyone gets to look through it. If anything, you can keep telling people it's not ready yet (even if it is) if you really want to hold off and announce your pregnancy this way. Before giving the album to someone, sneak a snapshot of your positive pregnancy test onto the last page of your wedding photo album. Then casually ask your husband, family member, or friend (depending who you want to surprise) to look through the album with you. When they reach the end, you’ll get to watch the surprise, then joy, on their face as they realize there’s a baby on the way!

5 Happy Father's Day

If you find out you're pregnant with your firstborn conveniently around Father's Day, then this is the perfect announcement for you! Especially if you haven't told your partner yet that you're pregnant. If your family is getting together for Father's Day, and everyone is opening gifts and cards, hand your partner a Father's Day card. He, as well as everyone around you, should be a little confused at first but then realize right away what you're insinuating. You can also add even more of a hint by putting a picture of the positive pregnancy test inside the card. You can even do this for Mother's Day by having your husband give you a Mother's Day card in front of the family to surprise them.

6 Baby Food Grocery List

A cute way to tell your partner that they are going to be a father is by giving him a grocery list of some items you need to cook that night. On the list, put baby back ribs, baby carrots, baby peas, and any other foods with ‘baby’ in the title. Then have the last one say Gerber Baby Food. By then, your partner should realize what you're insinuating and be super shocked and excited. If you want to use this on your family, instead of writing a grocery list, tell them what you're cooking for dinner using those same baby titled foods.

7 Photo Shoot Announcement

Want a hilarious reaction photo that you can cherish forever? At your next family gathering, tell everyone to get together for a picture. Once everyone is ready and smiling say, "I'm going to have a baby!" Then snap the picture once the information sinks in. I promise that it will end up being one of your all time favorite photos of the family!

Whether you're expecting your own baby, or one that you are adopting, it is always important to make the experience a happy and memorable one. When your child grows up, it will be a great way to show how happy you were to have them coming into your lives. So don't just stop at announcing your firstborn in a special way. Do it a different way for each of your children! How did you break the news to people that you were pregnant?

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