7 Tips for Raising Fraternal Twins That You Will Love...


When it comes to raising fraternal twins, I like to think of myself as sort of a guru. Not only am I a fraternal twin myself, but I come from a family of only twins, I have tons of friends who are twins, and sometimes I think we should have our own sitcom or something. Well, maybe not a sitcom, but at least an honorable mention in the book of world records considering how many fraternal twins there are in my family. Anyway, raising fraternal twins is twice as hard as raising one child and there are plenty of twists and turns along the way. So here are my tips for raising fraternal twins based on my own personal experiences and a lifetime of memories!

1. Do Not Give Them Similar Names

This one is tricky because some people think it’s adorable to name their children Ryan and Ryanne, David and Davida, or Keiran and Keira, the list is endless. But this is just a huge NO in my book. Sure, it’s really cute at first, but a big thing to consider when raising fraternal twins is making sure your children have completely different identities. Giving them similar names may inhibit that, not to mention embarrass them for the rest of their lives once they pass age 10.

Do Not Put Them in the Same Classes
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