9 Things You Should Be Aware of when Pregnant ...


There are so many things you should be aware of when pregnant that one list could hardly cover all topics! But these tips are just a few things that I discovered during my own pregnancy that really helped me through some of the rough patches, and even made sure I knew what to expect! You may be surprised by all the changes your body is going through, but have no fear because most of it is normal. Read on to learn a few things you should be aware of when pregnant!

1. Make Some Ice Cubes

One of the things you should be aware of when pregnant is how boring it can get to drink your required amount of water to keep you and baby hydrated. After the first couple of month you may never want to see another water bottle again! Here is what I did. Choose your favorite flavor of Gatorade and freeze some of it into ice cubes. Add them to your water to shake it up! Bonus: This can help combat morning sickness, and is a great way to relieve water boredom while breastfeeding as well!

Ditch the Underwire Bras
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