8 Things to Consider before Naming Your Baby ...


There are a few key essential things to consider before naming your baby, and I’d love to share those with you today! Naming a child is a huge honor, but it’s also a great responsibility because this name will go with your baby throughout their whole life. Each parent has different styles and tastes, but bear in mind that these are just optional guidelines to follow. Please continue reading for 8 things to consider before naming your baby!

1. Nicknames and Initials

Probably one of the most important things to consider before naming your baby is the nickname your child may adopt from their full name. If you don’t want your child’s name shortened to Jess, or John, steer clear of names like Jessica or Jonathan. Also, stay away from names that could be shortened into something mean or hurtful. Don’t forget to take your last name when combined with your choices, and what your child’s initials would be into consideration. These are all things that can have a huge impact on your child when they get older!

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