7 Interesting Things Your Babysitter Will Never Tell You ...


If you’re a young working mother and you often have to leave your precious child in the care of a nanny, do you ever suspect that there might be a couple of things that she hides from you or do you ever wonder about the things your babysitter will never tell you? Well, I did my research and I was surprised to find out that there are quite a few things your babysitter will never tell you, because she doesn’t wanna upset or worry you. On the other hand it’s really important to have a happy and satisfied babysitter who can look after your precious child, so maybe from time to time; you should reconsider your attitude towards the person who spends so much time with your kid.

1. Babysitters Are Not Housekeepers

One of the things your babysitter will never tell you because she doesn’t wanna upset you or because she doesn’t have the nerve to tell you is the fact that you should realize that babysitters are not housekeepers and that you shouldn’t expect her to clean the mess your child made or even worse, to wash your dishes. If you want somebody who can help you with your chores around the house, you should hire somebody else. A babysitter is there to look after your precious baby and nothing more.

You Should Come Home when You Say You Will
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