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As the mother of a two-year-old, I know that there are many important things to learn from toddlers. They may be small, but their minds are hearts are mighty. Everyone could take a cue from their youthful perspective. My toddler teaches me every single day! Here are 7 important things to learn from toddlers.

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Love Can Be Unconditional

My daughter loves me at my worst, and doesn't see my flaws. Toddlers love you just because you're you, no matter what mistakes you make. They only see the amazing Mommy or Daddy you are, their ultimate protector and the key to their growing universe. This kind of unconditional love is one of the most important things to learn from toddlers.


Laughter Really is the Best Medicine

If you've ever heard a toddler laugh hysterically, you know there's no better sound. When my daughter has a laughing fit, that genuine joy becomes contagious, and I can't help but laugh myself. Laughter is one of the healthiest things for soul-healing (it works your abs, too, just saying), so this is a very important lesson to learn from toddlers.


Patience is a Virtue

I admit it. I've never been a patient person. But when you've got a toddler in the house, constantly asking the same question or ignoring your many requests to put a pair of freaking shoes on so that you can get them to school less than an hour late, you really need to employ deep breathing and call upon your deepest patience. And that's very healthy.


Dancing like an Idiot is an Art Form

My toddler loves to dance. She twirls in her tutu like a mini ballerina, but she also loves to let her limbs get loose and dance in a ridiculous, hilarious fashion. When she calls me to join her, I always oblige. I look like a fool, and I don't care, because she thinks my moves are the coolest thing ever, and we have a blast. It's one of those times when it's actually good to look as ridiculous as possible.


Time is Fleeting

Embracing every moment is one of the most important things to learn from toddlers. Ever hear a parent say their kid has grown up slowly? Nope, and that's because they truly do grow painfully fast. You get used to one stage and they're on to the next. Before you know it, you're tearfully boxing up those adorable tiny clothes you couldn't wait to get them into. Enjoy every stage! Soak up every second of toddlerhood. They'll never be this little again.


Everything is Beautiful

Recently I was on the bus with my daughter when a very old woman came on board. Her face was weathered and wrinkled. "She's so beautiful!" my daughter said. It brought tears to my eyes. We put so much pressure on ourselves to look a certain way and subscribe to some conformist idea of beauty. Toddlers see the beauty in everything and everyone, and that's one heck of a lesson.


Pleasure Comes from the Simplest Things

We're constantly seeking that new car, the best wardrobe, the latest technology. Toddlers can delight for hours in a pile of rocks, a field of dandelions, or a single wooden block that can be whatever their imaginations want it to be. Toddlers help us revisit a time when deadlines and bills meant nothing and the simplest things brought the biggest thrill.

My toddler has taught me more than I ever learned in any school. Do you have a toddler? What have you learned from your kids?

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I have a grand son who is 11 months old and both my husband and my self are enjoying him more than we enjoyed our kids. Yes you are right there is a lot you can learn from them. I did not have so much time when my kids were at that age but i agree with you enjoy them while you can as these moments pass away very fast! Thank u !

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