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7 Easy Ways to Show Your Kids You Love Them ...

By Eliza

There are millions of ways to show your kids you love them, but I think it’s important to whip them out all the time, so you’ll need some simple ideas that won’t take hours of preparation. Kids are pretty easy to please and time with mom and dad is ideal, but that isn’t the only way to show them how much you care. Here are some ways to show your kids you love them that I’m sure you’ll agree are perfect, no matter how old your kids are.

1 Write Notes

Write NotesThere’s nothing my kids love more than finding a note from me in their lunchbox. They might try to hide it from their friends, but I know that this is one of the simplest ways to show your kids you love them. It takes just seconds to write a quick note and hide it under your child’s sandwich. Imagine their warm fuzzy feelings when they get ready to eat their noon meal. Add some stickers or a silly drawing if you have time. Leave notes under their pillow or in their pockets too.

2 Go on Dates

Go on DatesIt’s not hard to figure out something your kids love. I have a son who is a natural born rock lover so an afternoon trip to the geology museum is his favorite thing to do. I like to give my kids a free day off from school once a year. Each kid gets a different day and enjoys a full day alone with mom and dad. They get lunch in a restaurant, a fun outing and a souvenir. Sure, it takes a bit of rearranging to the schedule, but they’ll feel so loved and it’ll be so worth it.


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3 Surprise Them

Surprise ThemWhat kid doesn’t like ice cream? I love to pick my kids up from school and just head to the ice cream place. I don’t tell them – I just pull in and wait for their reaction. Not only do they feel the love by getting a surprise treat that I usually don’t agree to, but they also know I love them because I take the time and energy to surprise them with something they love. It can be anything – a trip to Starbucks for hot chocolate, a stop at the local sledding hill when it snows or even a trip to the toy store for that new thing they’ve been wanting for weeks.

4 Read to Them

Read to ThemEven my fifth grader loves when I read to him. There’s something that just says love when you snuggle under a blanket and read to the kids. Let them choose what they want to read to make it even more special. Even if that means reading the snake fact book for the hundredth time or suffering through the latest escapades of Captain Underpants. Your kids are sure to feel the love when you agree to what they want.

5 Show Interest

Show InterestI have three boys so their passions differ greatly from mine. I like sewing and reading and they’re all about sports, superheroes and digging in the dirt. The surprise is that I love those things too when I share them with my kids. Plus, by showing an interest in their passions, I prove that I love them very much! They might not realize it now, but they sure will as they get older.

6 Tell Them

Tell ThemDuh, right? But I’m talking about so much more than saying, “I love you.” Tell them what you love about them. Whether it’s their super curly hair, their great jump shot on the basketball court or their warm morning hugs, let your kids know just what it is that makes you love them so much. They’ll feel good and so will you!

7 Lay by Them at Bedtime

Lay by Them at BedtimeWhen my kids go to bed, I always take the time to lie down beside each of them separately for a few minutes. They get me alone so we can talk about the joys and sorrows of the day. They tell me what’s going on at school, what they hope for on the weekend and what toys they want to get out in the morning. Sometimes, we just lie there in silence and that’s loving too.

How do you show your kids you love them? It’s not hard, so take the time to do so every day.

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