Lifesaving Hacks for when You Are Babysitting ...


Are you babysitting for some extra money this summer? These’ ae some hacks to help you get more work as a babysitter and to be the most loved babysitter in the neighborhood. Parents will love you and so will their little tots. With these lifesaving hacks for babysitters, you’ll have more work than you can handle.

1. Have Business Cards Made That Include Your Personal Info and Rates

This gives parents all your information in the space of one little business card. It puts your info at their fingertips. They can stick it in their wallet or put it on the fridge. But you’ll never miss a job again because they can’t remember your number or what you charge. It’s a small investment for your babysitting business that can pay off big.

Take along a Bag of Secret Toys and Tricks
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