7 Guidelines for Disciplining Your Child Fairly ...

Disciplining your child is never a fun or easy task. At the very least you have to deal with a few tears or promises of better behavior, at worst you deal with a full fledged meltdown. And sometimes, when you are disciplining your child, it's hard to be sure that you're being fair (especially when your toddler is yelling about how UNfair you're being). If you've had these moments, like I have, these guidelines will help you not only feel better about disciplining your child, but it will set some clear guidelines about how and when to do it!

1. Discipline Should Be about Education

When you're disciplining your child, you always want to make sure that you aren't disciplining them for any reason but education, like when you punish your child for doing something dangerous. Never discipline just because your child is doing something that annoys you. It seems like common sense but you would be amazed by how many parents don't follow this rule.