Fun Fingerprint Crafts to do with Your Kids or Someone elses ...

By Eliza

Fun  Fingerprint Crafts  to do with Your Kids  or Someone elses ...

Kids can learn a lot when they are being creative and making something. The finished product will fill them with pride and working on a project together gives you the perfect chance to bond with your kids or kids who are important to you. Fingerprint crafts are a great idea because they are easy to do and won't make a huge mess. Check it out!

Table of contents:

  1. fingerprint fireflys
  2. family fingerprint relief heart
  3. fingerprint keychain
  4. adorable birds on a wire
  5. beautiful trees
  6. fingerprint bugs
  7. fingerprint dandelion
  8. fingerprint minions
  9. watermelon craft
  10. fingerprint carrot and bunny craft
  11. mama and chicks
  12. pretty flowers
  13. make your own goldfish in a bag
  14. fingerprint heart
  15. fingerprint cross
  16. fingerprint flower gardens
  17. fingerprint fish aquarium craft
  18. fingerprint flowers
  19. pineapple thumbprint art
  20. pussy willow craft
  21. transportation vehicles fingerprint art
  22. name being lifted by balloons

1 Fingerprint Fireflys

Fingerprint Fireflys Source: Classroom Freebies: Firefly Packet

2 Family Fingerprint Relief Heart

Family Fingerprint Relief Heart Source: How to make a family

3 Fingerprint Keychain

Fingerprint Keychain Source: i haven't completely forgotten about

4 Adorable Birds on a Wire

Adorable Birds on a Wire Source: Craft-e-Corner Blog * Celebrate Your

5 Beautiful Trees

Beautiful Trees Source: alton boys: Thumbs Up

6 Fingerprint Bugs

Fingerprint Bugs Source: How to Draw Fingerprint Bugs

7 Fingerprint Dandelion

Fingerprint Dandelion Source: Fingerprint Dandelion Craft For Kids

8 Fingerprint Minions

Fingerprint Minions Source: The Chirping Moms: Over 20

9 Watermelon Craft

Watermelon Craft Source: Watermelon Craft

10 Fingerprint Carrot and Bunny Craft

Fingerprint Carrot and Bunny Craft Source: Fingerprint Carrot and Bunny Craft

11 Mama and Chicks

Mama and Chicks Source: Leuke knutsel voor pasen KinderfeestjeBLOG

12 Pretty Flowers

Pretty Flowers Source: Nature Month: Fingerprint bluebonnets

13 Make Your Own Goldfish in a Bag

Make Your Own Goldfish in a Bag Source: Goldfish in a Bag Painting

14 Fingerprint Heart

Fingerprint Heart Source: Crafts That Celebrate Family

15 Fingerprint Cross

Fingerprint Cross Source: Cross Fingerprint Craft -

16 Fingerprint Flower Gardens

Fingerprint Flower Gardens Source: Fingerprint Flower Gardens - Mom

17 Fingerprint Fish Aquarium Craft

Fingerprint Fish Aquarium Craft Source: Fingerprint Fish Aquarium Craft

18 Fingerprint Flowers

Fingerprint Flowers Source:

19 Pineapple Thumbprint Art

Pineapple Thumbprint Art Source: Pineapple thumbprint art in Ideas

20 Pussy Willow Craft

Pussy Willow Craft Source: Finger Print Pussy Willows

21 Transportation Vehicles Fingerprint Art

Transportation Vehicles Fingerprint Art Source: Custom Personalized Actual Fingerprint Heart

22 Name Being Lifted by Balloons

Name Being Lifted by Balloons Source: Name being Lifted by Balloons

Which one do you plan to make with the kids you love? What other ideas can you suggest?

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