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Fun Fingerprint Crafts to do with Your Kids or Someone else's ...

By Eliza

Kids can learn a lot when they are being creative and making something. The finished product will fill them with pride and working on a project together gives you the perfect chance to bond with your kids or kids who are important to you. Fingerprint crafts are a great idea because they are easy to do and won't make a huge mess. Check it out!

1 Fingerprint Fireflys

Fingerprint FireflysSource: Classroom Freebies: Firefly Packet

2 Family Fingerprint Relief Heart

Family Fingerprint Relief HeartSource: How to make a family

3 Fingerprint Keychain

Fingerprint KeychainSource: i haven't completely forgotten about

4 Adorable Birds on a Wire

Adorable Birds on a WireSource: Craft-e-Corner Blog * Celebrate Your

5 Beautiful Trees

Beautiful TreesSource: alton boys: Thumbs Up

6 Fingerprint Bugs

Fingerprint BugsSource: How to Draw Fingerprint Bugs

7 Fingerprint Dandelion

Fingerprint DandelionSource: Fingerprint Dandelion Craft For Kids

8 Fingerprint Minions

Fingerprint MinionsSource: The Chirping Moms: Over 20

9 Watermelon Craft

Watermelon CraftSource: Watermelon Craft

10 Fingerprint Carrot and Bunny Craft

Fingerprint Carrot and Bunny CraftSource: Fingerprint Carrot and Bunny Craft

11 Mama and Chicks

Mama and ChicksSource: Leuke knutsel voor pasen KinderfeestjeBLOG

12 Pretty Flowers

Pretty FlowersSource: Nature Month: Fingerprint bluebonnets

13 Make Your Own Goldfish in a Bag

Make Your Own Goldfish in a BagSource: Goldfish in a Bag Painting

14 Fingerprint Heart

Fingerprint HeartSource: Crafts That Celebrate Family

15 Fingerprint Cross

Fingerprint CrossSource: Cross Fingerprint Craft -

16 Fingerprint Flower Gardens

Fingerprint Flower GardensSource: Fingerprint Flower Gardens - Mom

17 Fingerprint Fish Aquarium Craft

Fingerprint Fish Aquarium CraftSource: Fingerprint Fish Aquarium Craft

18 Fingerprint Flowers

Fingerprint FlowersSource:

19 Pineapple Thumbprint Art

Pineapple Thumbprint ArtSource: Pineapple thumbprint art in Ideas

20 Pussy Willow Craft

Pussy Willow CraftSource: Finger Print Pussy Willows

21 Transportation Vehicles Fingerprint Art

Transportation Vehicles Fingerprint ArtSource: Custom Personalized Actual Fingerprint Heart

22 Name Being Lifted by Balloons

Name Being Lifted by BalloonsSource: Name being Lifted by Balloons

Which one do you plan to make with the kids you love? What other ideas can you suggest?

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