7 Essentials for Your Hospital Maternity Bag ...


If you're preparing for the arrival of a new bundle of joy, you might be wondering what maternity hospital bag essentials you'll be needing! I can tell you for sure that most expectant moms overpack for the hospital and end up not using half of what they bring. While you want to be prepared for the big day, there are plenty of items you can choose to leave at home. Here are some maternity hospital bag essentials that you'll definitely want to have when you head out the door to deliver your baby!

1. A Post-delivery Outfit

Definitely one of the maternity hospital bag essentials to pack with you is a post-delivery outfit. No one likes those hospital gowns they make you wear during labor and delivery, so you'll want a comfortable, loose fitting outfit to change into during recovery. It should be something that's open, like a dress or skirt, that can be paired with a cute cardigan for those drafty hospital halls!

Comfortable Pajamas
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