7 Easy Ways to Show Your Kids You Love Them ...


There are millions of ways to show your kids you love them, but I think it’s important to whip them out all the time, so you’ll need some simple ideas that won’t take hours of preparation. Kids are pretty easy to please and time with mom and dad is ideal, but that isn’t the only way to show them how much you care. Here are some ways to show your kids you love them that I’m sure you’ll agree are perfect, no matter how old your kids are.

1. Write Notes

Write Notes

There’s nothing my kids love more than finding a note from me in their lunchbox. They might try to hide it from their friends, but I know that this is one of the simplest ways to show your kids you love them. It takes just seconds to write a quick note and hide it under your child’s sandwich. Imagine their warm fuzzy feelings when they get ready to eat their noon meal. Add some stickers or a silly drawing if you have time. Leave notes under their pillow or in their pockets too.

Go on Dates
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